CloudKarafka Product Overview
Message streaming as a Service

CloudKarafka offer tools to simplify the usage of the Apache Kafka. Various monitoring tools will help you to overview server metrics, partitions and topics. You can scale your cluster without downtime when using CloudKarafka. The same goes for upgrading your server to a new version of Scala, Java or Apache Kafka - just click a button and relax.

Here follows an overview of Apache Kafka features included and simplified by CloudKarafka.

CloudKarafka - Hosted Apache Kafka Clusters

CloudKarafka automates every part of setup, running and scaling of Apache Kafka. CloudKarafka offers hosted publish-subscribe messaging systems in the cloud. You have a fully managed Kafka cluster up and running within two minutes, including a managed internal Zookeeper cluster on all nodes.

CloudKarafka MGMT

Kafka MGMT is a user-friendly Management Interface for Apache Kafka. The interface lets you monitor and handle your Apache Kafka server from a web browser, in a much simpler way than previous versions.

Monitoring has never been easier. In CloudKarafka Kafka MGMT you'll find a graph, showing the latest input/output of messages from and to your cluster, making sure that your setup is running smoothly.

You are able to view numbers of consumers, create and delete topics, view broker information, create and delete users and you can view topic size and total topic message count - among other things.

More information about Kafka MGMT can be found here.

Kafka Browser

To simplify the debugging, you can use the Kafka Browser and follow your messages in real time. Kafka Browser is a simple web UI which lets you consume from one or many topics while the results present on the same web page with real-time updates.

Easy Monitoring & Custom Alarms

Our control panel offers various tools and integrations for monitoring, metrics and alarms. You can address performance issues promptly before they impact your business. CloudKarafka makes it easy to setup custom alarms that can be sent to email addresses, as push notifications to webhooks, to your slack channels, via direct integration with Pagerduty, VictorOps or OpsGenie.

Read more about Monitoring and Alarms in our documentation here.


CloudKarafka monitoring includes diagrams for CPU, Disk and Memory usage. More information about Kafka MGMT can be found

Read more about metrics in our documentation here.

CloudKarafka Integrated metrics services

Integrated metrics services are only available for dedicated instances.

You are able to ship your Apache Kafka's server metrics to a third party. CloudKarafka is integrated into following log services: CloudWatch, Librato, DataDog, and NewRelic

integrations in control panel

Apacha Kafka Log

Available on dedicated instances.

Apache Kafka log stream shows the live log from Kafka.

CloudKarafka Integrated monitoring services

Available on dedicated instances.

You are able to ship Apache Kafka's server logs to an external log provider. CloudKarafka is integrated to following log services: Papertrail, Loggly, Logentries, Stackdriver Logging, CloudWatch Logs, and Splunk

integrations in control panel

Apache Kafka Connectors

Available on dedicated instances.

Kafka Connect let you integrate other systems with Apache Kafka. You can add a data source which allows you to consume data from that source and store it in Kafka, or the other way around, have all data in a topic sent to another system for processing or storage. There are many possibilities that Kafka Connect gives, and it's easy to get started since there are already a lot of connectors available.

Schema registry

To maintain Kafka's characteristics, but add the possibility to force the Kafka components to communicate in a correct format, you can use the Kafka Schema Registry integration. Schema Registry acts as a standalone component interacting with both the producer and the consumer and provides a serving layer for your metadata.

More information about Apache Kafka Schema registry can be found here.

Rest proxy

The Kafka REST Proxy gives you the opportunity produce and consume messages over a simple REST API, which makes it easy to view the state of the cluster, and perform administrative actions without using native Kafka clients.

More information about Rest proxy can be found here.

Mirror maker

Mirror maker can be used when you need a replica of an existing Kafka cluster, it's a stand-alone tool for copying data between two Apache Kafka clusters. The tool simplifies actions like changing clusters, upgrade clusters or have a test cluster but with the correct data, easy and efficient.

More information about Mirror maker can be found here.