Important Notice: CloudKarafka is shutting down. Read all about it in our End of Life Announcement


CloudKarafka enables easy collaboration among remote team members by providing multiple teams, transfer subscriptions, SAML enforced roles and disabling password-based logins.

Multiple teams

We offer you the ability to have as many teams as you wish with the same user. Authorization, subscriptions, and billing are completely separate. You can switch teams or create a new one - all is made from the control panel.

If you are admin of multiple teams, you will have the option to transfer ownership of subscriptions between your teams via the edit instance view. The current team will be billed for this months usage up to the transfer and the new team from that point and onwards. Of course, there is no interruption of service when transferring ownership.


CloudKarafka offers the possibility to enforce user roles and turn off password-based logins with SAML Single Sign-On (SSO). When you first activate SAML SSO, password-based logins will be enabled, so you can test it out without the risk of locking yourself out of your account. Once you have verified that your SSO is working as expected, you can turn off password-based logins from the Team/SAML view.

We also offer the SAML feature to enforce user roles via your Identity Provider (IdP). To do this, your IdP should send the attribute 84codes.roles with values like your-team-saml-uuid/[ admin | member | billing manager | compliance manager | your tag role ] . You can find the uuid on the team/saml view. The SAML response should include something like this:

  <saml2:Attribute Name="84codes.roles">

Turn to your IdPs documentation for assistance on how to set this up. Here are links to a few of the most popular:

If roles are not enforced via SAML new users will be members and roles can be changed via the team view.