Important Notice: CloudKarafka is shutting down. Read all about it in our End of Life Announcement


Final destination for CloudKarafka.

We regret to inform you that this service is shutting down. The product will reach its End of Life on January 27, 2025. For existing customers, please follow the link for information, important dates, migration options and contact information.
End of Life - Customer Information

A look in the rearview mirror

Back in 2013 we launched CloudKarafka as one of the first services out there to offer hosted Apache Kafka. Since then we’ve assisted many customers in building all kinds of applications.
Full Epiloge: End of Life Announcement

From May 1st, 2024 we will no longer accept any new signups for CloudKarafka. However, existing customers can still upgrade, downgrade, or create new instances.

We would like to express our profound gratitude to all our customers who have been with us throughout the years.

Looking for hosted streaming options?

Checkout the Customer Information to find recommended suppliers for Apache Kafka.

If you are open to other streaming solutions you may visit Migration Guide: Kafka to RabbitMQ Streams or take a look at where we offer a wide range of plans of hosted RabbitMQ and LavinMQ servers.

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