News and tips

Updated Documentation for CloudKarafka API:s

The documentation for CloudKarafka API:s has been updated and moved to its own place. Read up about how you can create your instances, set up alarms, or restart your cluster via the APIs.

Teams and SAML improvements

A set of highly requested team and user management features has arrived. Multiple teams, transfer subscriptions, SAML enforced roles and turning off password based logins.

New Enterprise Plan for CloudKarafka

By popular demand, CloudKarafka introduces the new enterprise plan Proud Penguin. The new plan offers higher throughput and more disk space.

Apache Kafka Idempotent Producer - Avoiding message duplication

The release of librdkafka 1.0.0 brings a new feature to those who are not on the Java or JVM stack. In this blog post, we cover cover the Idempotent Producer feature, what it is and why you might want to enable it.

CloudKarafka offers a free trial on dedicated plans

It is now possible to request a free trial on dedicated CloudKarafka plans, and evaluate CloudKarafka at its full potential

Future license changes for Connectors, Schema Registry, REST proxy

Updated licenses for some parts offered with dedicated CloudKarafka plans

CloudKarafka invites 2019

Thanks for a great year! Here is what's next for 2019!

AWS Europe (Stockholm) now supported!

AWS is now in CloudKarafka's home country! We've added the eu-north-1 region.

GCP Finland supported!

It's now possible to create your Kafka Cluster in Finland. The region, europe-north1, is now supported by CloudKarafka.

Rolling restart of Apache Kafka

All restarts of Apache Kafka are now performed one broker at a time, with health checks between each restart. This is to minimize downtime and keep your business going during a full cluster restart.