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Explaining Retention and Cleanup Policies in Apache Kafka

Efficiently managing disk space in your Apache Kafka Cluster is a fundamental aspect of maintaining performance and stability. This blog post will guide you through the details and pitfalls of topic-leveled log retention configuration and effective cleanup policies in Apache Kafka.

Announcing CloudKarafka on Azure Marketplace

We're happy to announce that CloudKarafka is now available on the Azure Marketplace! Our integration with Azure allows you to easily create your own dedicated cluster in any of Azure's regions, making it even easier to manage and deploy Kafka clusters for your applications.

CloudKarafka attended PyCon in Florence

PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the Python programming language and is the largest event of its kind in the world. What better place is there to connect with like-minded people?

Exhibiting at Voxxed Days Brussels

CloudKarafka attended Voxxed days Brussels for a one day intense knowledge sharing session with attendees from a wide range of industries.

Encrypted vs Plaintext Connections

Discover the disparities between encrypted and plaintext connections and determine which one to use in specific scenarios.

Zookeeper and Kafka: story of a friendship

Learn about the evolving Kafka ecosystem and the diminishing role of ZooKeeper in this article. What does the future hold for ZooKeeper in the Kafka ecosystem?

CloudKarafka available on AWS Marketplace

CloudKarafka, is excited to announce that our service now is available through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Schema Registry on CloudKarafka

Avoid getting lost in translation! Schema Registry is a widely used solution for managing the schemas of the data written to Kafka topics, ensuring that producers send data that consumers can read, even if the data changes.

Release of Apache Kafka 3.4.0

The launch of Apache Kafka 3.4.0 brought several new features to the table. The main focus of this release lies in the ability to monitor and adjust clustering settings, and CloudKarafka took some days to look into the details.

Get your Apache Kafka cluster with CloudKarafka's new flexible plan

One plan to rule them all! CloudKarafka has released a new flexible plan that outshines previous hosting options in flexibility. Running Apache Kafka has never been easier.