News and tips CloudKarafka and Apache Kafka

CloudKarafka releases external metrics integration

The CloudKarafka team are happy to announce that you're now able to ship monitoring data from your dedicated instances to an integrated monitoring service.

Get Alarm-notifications in VictorOps and/or OpsGenie

We now support VictorOps and OpsGenie as additional alternatives for receiving alarm notifications from your instance.

Enable CPU, Memory usage and Disk space alarms

Introducing alarms based on CPU, Memory usage, and disk space for CloudKarafka.

Information regarding Spectre and Meltdown

You’re protected and no action is needed from your side. Cloud platforms will or have apply patches to protect VM-to-VM attacks and there’s no way for users to exploit these bugs from within our servers.

The new CloudKarafka Management Interface

Introducing a new, fast, reliable management interface for CloudKarafka

Manage instance access with Access Control List (ACL)

To further manage and secure your instances, we’ve added the ability for you to set team members permissions with ACL.

New features 2017 and upcoming features 2018!

CloudKarafka is looking back on a successful year and going forward towards an even better one!

Documentation for authentication with SASL/SCRAM

Connect to your Apache Kafka cluster using SASL/SCRAM.

CloudKarafka on Google Cloud Platform

Host your Apache Kafka cluster with another of the world best cloud computing platforms.

IoT and Apache Kafka

Why should you pair Apache Kafka with the Internet of Things?

Improved cluster scaling

You can now add additional nodes to your cluster for all dedicated plans

CloudKarafka available on Heroku

CloudKarafka is now available as an add-on in Heroku

Centralize your logs

You're now able to ship your Apache Kafka logs from CloudKarafka dedicated instances to Papertrail, Splunk, Loggly and Logentries!

Part 2.3: Getting started with Apache Kafka and Python

Part 2.2 of Apache Kafka for beginners - Tutorial and example of source codes for Python.

Part 2.2: Getting started with Apache Kafka and Java

Part 2.2 of Apache Kafka for beginners - Tutorial and example of source codes for Java.

Part 2.1: Getting started with Apache Kafka and Ruby

Part 2.1 of Apache Kafka for beginners - Tutorial and example of source codes for Ruby and the client library ruby-kafka.

Part 1: Apache Kafka for beginners - What is Apache Kafka?

Apache Kafka for beginners explains what Apache Kafka. It gives a brief understanding of messaging and important Apache Kafka concepts are explained.

Comparison: Apache Kafka VS RabbitMQ

What are the differences between Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ? When should you use which technology? Get a quick overview with our comparison chart!

Difference between shared and dedicated plans

This article will describe the difference between a shared and a dedicated plan in CloudKarafka. Hopefully you will also get an idea of what plan will work the best for you.

Two-factor authentication

You can now secure your account with two-factor authentication. Read up on why this new feature enhances the security of your account!

Try out Apache Kafka on CloudKarafka for FREE!

We now offer a multi tenant Apache Kafka server on a shared cluster for testing and development - for free!