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Fully managed apache kafka clusters

Fully managed Apache Kafka clusters

CloudKarafka automates every part of setup, running and scaling of Apache Kafka. CloudKarafka offers hosted publish-subscribe messaging systems in the cloud.

apache kafka throughput

Extremely High throughput

Kafka is designed to be fast, scalable and durable. A single Kafka broker can handle a very high throughput, supporting hundreds of thousands of messages per second. Each broker can handle terabytes of messages without performance impact.

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Spend your time wisely

Let your team focus on what they do best - building your product. Leave server management and monitoring to the experts.

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Top CloudKarafka features

Event streams

With Kafka you can publish events for everything happening in your application. Other parts can subscribe to these events and take appropriate actions.

Fully managed

CloudKarafka automates every part of setting up, running and scaling Kafka.


Kafka has high throughput for both publishing and subscribing.

Infinitly scalable

Kafka scales perfectly vertically and there's no upper limit to how many messages you can publish/subscribe.

Durability and Reliability

Kafka persists messages on disk and messages are replicated within the cluster to prevent data loss.


Support staff is available 24/7 to help in any event or with any question.

What is CloudKarafka?

Apache Kafka service

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About Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a high throughput message queue, also called a distributed log, because it will retain all messages for a specific period of time, even after being consumed. The messages are automatically distributed among all servers in a cluster and the number of nodes is dynamic, so the horizontal scaling is incredible.

Common use cases

Typical use cases are massive event collection (stored for later analysis), metrics collection, server log aggregation, external commit logs for data replication, etc.

Available Cloud Service Providers

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform

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