Important Notice: CloudKarafka is shutting down. Read all about it in our End of Life Announcement

Customer information

End of Life CloudKarafka

After careful consideration, we want to inform you that CloudKarafka will be discontinuing its services. The process is expected to be completed within the next year, reaching end of life on January 27, 2025. During this transition, you will have the time to move to alternative solutions.

We are committed to providing support during this transition.

Why is this happening?


Important dates

  • 2024-05-01
    End of Sales
    No new signups, existing customers can still create instances.
  • 2025-01-27
    End of Life
    The service and API are fully operational until this point.
  • 2025-01-28
    Brownout Schedule Starts
    Read more about the Brownout schedule below.
  • 2025-02-28
    Service terminated. All data deleted.

Brownout schedule

  • First week
    1 hour down each day
  • Second/Third week
    8 hours down each day
  • Forth week
    24h down each day

What happens now?

We understand that the shutdown of CloudKarafka could have a significant impact on you. Therefore, it's highly important to us that this process goes as smoothly as possible for our customers. Below, we have outlined some available options for you to consider.

Migrate to Aiven

In this process we've partnered with Aiven, a company offering an excellent alternative to CloudKarafka. To continue your journey with Apache Kafka, we feel confident that you will have a great experience with Aiven. Their team is ready to guide you through the migration.

Aiven - all-in-one data platform

Aiven for Apache Kafka® – Fully managed event streaming service

Aiven Offer Migration Guide

Migrate to CloudAMQP - Exploring RabbitMQ Streams

There is an option to migrate to CloudAMQP as well. Through RabbitMQ Streams you can get functionality similar to Apache Kafka, which may be suitable for some customers. As a token of gratitude we want to offer you credits covering the first 6 months including setting up an individual migration plan together with a lead developer/architect.

If you are considering this option, make sure to schedule a meeting with one of our architects.

Data Streams now available in RabbitMQ

Back in 2021 RabbitMQ added the support for Streams that could potentially be a substitute for Apache Kafka.

From Kafka to RabbitMQ Streams

In need of support?

Our support team is here to assist and answer any questions you might have regarding the shutdown.

E-mail us at or click the button

Contact Support

Q&A - Answers to common questions

Regrettably, there is no feasible method to sustain the use of the current hostnames and IPs associated with our services post end-of-life. We encourage you to reach out to discuss available options.

Yes, we commit to maintaining the service and upholding our Service Level Agreement (SLA) until the end-of-life period.

Unfortunately, extending the service beyond the defined timeframe is not feasible. We invite you to engage with us to explore potential alternatives.

No, we will not retain any data after the blackout period. However, ample time will be provided for data migration.

No, our focus during 2024 will be on addressing critical issues covered under our SLA, rather than developing new features.

Yes, we are committed to rectifying all critical bugs within the specified timeframe.