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Guide: How to use Kafka Connect with CloudKarafka

Written by Elin Vinka

Kafka Connect allows users to set up integrations between their Kafka cluster while simplifying the ability to add new systems to data, keeping the stream both scalable and secure. In this guide, CloudKarafka demonstrates how to set up Kafka Connect with your hosted Apache Kafka cluster from CloudKarafka.

Benefits of using Kafka Connect with CloudKarafka

CloudKarafka offers Apache Kafka as a service, meaning that we provide users with a two-minute server setup of Apache Kafka followed by management and support. However, the usage of Apache Kafka varies greatly. To help you wade through all the information, CloudKarafka presents this guide on how to peer your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with CloudKarafka.

Kafka Connect simplifies the ability to add new systems to your data pipelines while keeping the stream both scalable and secure. Kafka Connect makes it easier for developers to write qualitative connector plugins while increasing the reliability of the cluster integrations. The cluster is made more flexible and scalable and the connectors can be tweaked to suit their purpose. It also simplifies the usage of existing connector implementation.

Guide on how to start using Kafka Connect with CloudKarafka can be found here.

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