The new CloudKarafka Management Interface

Written by Johan Rhodin

A new management interface for CloudKarafka.

Today we are happy to announce our new management interface for CloudKarafka.

Our goal with the CloudKarafka Management Interface is to build an interface that is fast, reliable, user-friendly and does not use unnecessary CPU-resources. To accomplish this the CloudKarafka Management Interface runs locally, takes the local JMX statistics and streams data to a server for visualization.

From the management interface you can see the Kafka version, the endpoints available, message and data statistics and monitor topics. You can also add topics, monitor consumers, administrate users. There is also a link to the Management HTTP API.

CloudKarafka Management Interface

The interface is being actively developed and we are planning to release improvements to it continuously.

Feel free to send us any feedback you might have at

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