Centralize your logs

Written by Anders Bälter

You're now able to ship your Apache Kafka logs from CloudKarafka dedicated instances to Papertrail, Splunk, Loggly and Logentries!

CloudKarafka log integrations

Logs are a critical part of any system, they give you insight into what a system is doing as well what happened. They are essential in finding the root cause when something unexpected happens. When your system grows to multiple hosts, managing all logs can get complicated. Searching for errors across multiple of servers is difficult without good tools. That's were log centralization comes in. There are serveral good services for this and today we are happy to bring you CloudKarafka integration with:

You can find all CloudKarafka integration options under the new Integrations tab in the control panel for your instances. Enter the url/token and click the switch and logs will start streaming.

CloudKarafka log integrations

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