Future license changes for Connectors, Schema Registry, REST proxy

Written by CloudKarafka Blog Team

Some parts that are currently offered with dedicated CloudKarafka plans will not be possible for us to host with future versions. It will still be possible to provision these components in their current versions in the future.

With an updated license of the Confluent Platform, future versions (5.1 and higher) of Kafka Connect, Schema Registry and Kafka Rest Proxy will not be hosted by Cloudkarafka. Note that the current versions will still remain under the old license, and will continue to be hosted by Cloudkarafka. MirrorMaker is not affected by this license change.

For current versions: no changes are needed. Future versions of Apache Kafka: will still remain under the Apache 2.0 license and will be available from CloudKarafka

We will move forward by continuing to host version 5.0 of the Confluent Open Source Platform components, and start to develop alternatives to schema registry, REST proxy, and certain connector functionality that will all be released under an open source license, just like the CloudKarafka Management interface will be.

If you have any question about license changes and your CloudKarafka usage contact us at support@cloudkarafka.com.

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