Documentation for authentication with SASL/SCRAM

Written by Magnus Landerblom

Updated documentation for authentication with SASL/SCRAM

It should always be really easy to get started using CloudKarafka. One of the first things that you need to do when using your new Kafka cluster is connecting to it - in an easy and secure way.

We now support authentication with SASL using SCRAM mechanism. This allows you to authenticate using username and password. All of our documentation is now demonstrating authentication using SASL.

We will, of course, continue to support authentication using certificates. If you don't want to switch to SASL/SCRAM, you can just continue us the service like before.

For each programming language in the documentation tab, you can now find a small example application demonstrating how to connect, consume and produce messages.

We have also added a documentation page for Kafkacat which is a tool like Linux command cat, but for Kafka, which is great for debugging where you can view data published to a topic.

You can find the documentation here, and the code examples here

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