CloudKarafka available on Heroku

Written by Johan Rhodin

CloudKarafka is now available as an add-on on Heroku

We're happy to announce that you can now get CloudKarafka integrated directly on Heroku. It is as easy as running:

heroku addons:create cloudkarafka

You can find the product page for CloudKarafka on Heroku here. You can also read Heroku specific documentation for CloudKarafka here.

You can view the CloudKarafka dashboard from within Heroku, by running: heroku addons:open cloudkarafka

CloudKarafka Dashboard in Heroku

CloudKarafka is available in Heroku's beta program, currently only the free Ducky plan can be provisioned. When CloudKarafka is in General Availability we'll update this post.

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